Benefits of Studying Medicine in Germany

Germany is the fifth largest country in Europe after United States and is renowned for welcoming immigrants from all around the world making them the "immigration country". Besides having an exquisite culture, poetry and inventions, Germany is also a growing educational hub throughout the world.

Germany has top universities for education with the greater chance of employment creating a win-win situation for students. Whether you want to pursue engineering, management or medicine, Universities in Germany provide internationally recognized degrees with top notch education. We often see medical students going through a dilemma after completing their MBBS. It is always a worry to find a good university when it comes to pursuing post graduation for young doctors. Fortunately, German universities offer a complete package for aspiring doctors with promising future. However, this is the not the only benefits Germany provides for international students.

Let's have a look at top 10 benefits of doing P.G in medical in Germany

1. Great job opportunities

When a student looks out for any university he/she makes sure that they offer a great placement. Universities in Germany provides job security to their students. Medical industry is blooming in Germany. They are well connected and have the relevant infrastructure. Unlike other countries, Students in Germany can apply for work permit to support their living while studying.

2. One of the safest and secure places to live in the world

Universities in Germany provide all the necessary information to their students in order to keep them safe and sound. If you consider international safety data, Germany ranks very low in crime rate which makes it an ideal place for students.

3. No tuition fees at public universities in Germany

Tuition fees in German universities is very low as the public universities were eradicated in 2014 making  politicians think that having to pay for higher education as "socially inequitable". This brings the attraction of all the young doctors around the world.

4. Offering the students top-class degree recognized around the world

Universities like Heidelberg University, Rwth Aachen University, Lübeck University offers a outstanding academic programms with plenty of scholarships. All the universities are responsible for creating world class doctors.

5. Very affordable living expenses compared to other western countries

Germany is home to more than three hundred thousand international students. Germany is rated under the top 3 destinations for international students by UNESCO , making it an affordable place for all the students.

6. Cultural diversity

When you take time off your studies, Germany is one of place to explore. European culture, museum, beach are some of the places where you take a time off. Having a large clinical environment, Germany makes a supreme place for doctors.

7. No language barriers

We often  worry about having a conversation in abroad and especially in Europe but in Germany, Universities conducts their courses in English. Well, that takes the strain out of international students.

8. Various fields of studies

There are numerous universities which offers multiple courses to the students. For every department there are plenty specialization courses. So whether it is  engineering, IT, agriculture, science, medical, Foreign students get all their expected courses with high quality education.

9. Economic power

Being the third largest country, Germany influences the economic power in Europe. This makes Germany as the affordable place for students. Germany is a financially powerful country. It has the most skilled hospitals with top equipments, giving a new experience to the future doctors.

10. Perfect place to settle

After completing the desired education, Germany allows their international students to stay for more 18 months in order to seek work and to become a resident.

So if you are looking to pursue medical and practice your doctorate in Germany, it is always a thumbs up!