Choosing a profession is quite challenging job in itself

Choosing a career can be easily defined as the biggest decision that one takes at a very young age. It’s never easy to decide what one wants to do with their lives, especially when they are not mature enough to think ahead and make an informed decision.  Even though it may seem that students are not capable to choose a career, the decision depends on them. So, it’s essential that they are informed about all the options and choices they have so that when they choose a career, they won’t have to regret their choice.  However, students face many problems while choosing a career. Sometimes, the hurdles they face discourage them so much that they abandon their choice altogether.

Lack of professional guidance - Most students do not get professional career guidance and counselling which can help them in choosing what courses they want to pursue. Due to this, they don’t get the chance to know the different options available for them based on their aptitude and interests. In later life, when they have already entered a career, they realize that it’s not suitable for them but then it’s too late.

Lack of financial resources - The biggest hurdle when choosing a career is lack of financial resources. Education, especially at this age never comes for free. There are countless expenses if one wants to enroll in higher education. Many students cannot afford to pay for their education. Although there are many scholarships and financial aid programs for education, not all students are aware of them or how to apply for them. Furthermore, the competition is too high in some scholarships and many students are left out.

No informed decision - Apart from the lack of career guidance, students often make misinformed decisions. They tend to take up certain careers just because their friends choose them. They fail to understand the fact that the degree they pursue relates to what they want to do in future and that unless they fuel it with genuine zeal and enthusiasm, they will be lost in the crowd of other such people.

Lack of access to good institutions - Another one of major hurdles is the lack of good educational institutions or the inability of students to access them. The reasons for this may be many., For one, reputed colleges have a limited number of seats which are filled by highly competitive entrance exams, and there is also the fact that many colleges require a huge fee which all students cannot afford.

The fear of failure and the pressure of current obligations many students, especially those with limited financial resources have the constant fear that if they pursue a career based on their interests or passion; they will fail to secure a good job soon after their studies. This makes them go for a career which they think will be safer and quicker in terms of employment opportunities. Personal obligations also make them hasten their career-related decisions.

Apart from the above hurdles, there are many other problems which hinder students’ educational growth and chances to pursue higher education. Many times, social barriers, geographical distances and demographic differences are also the root cause due to which students are unable to study further.

Career guidance is the most important aspect of education. Without proper career counselling in schools, education is like an undirected stream of water which dries up as it fails to join the river. It is the key to solve all of the above problems.