International MBBS - How to choose right University?

Indian MBBS admission process has started and this year more than 13 Lacs students registered for NEET exam. There are more than 2 lacs increase in MBBS aspirants as compared to 2017 with minimal increase in MBBS seats across India. Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Chairman & Managing Director of Astute Career Counselling Academy is spearheading anti-donation campaign and have been conducting series of informative seminars across India.Even though the Indian MBBS admissions have become easy with No donations, large number of students prefer International destination due to better quality and lower Fees as compared to many Indian Institutes. Students must understand that no country is good or bad but quality of education is Prime factor deciding institutes. With National Exit Exam -NEXT becoming reality soon, only students studying from top prestigious International institutes will be able to clear the exam and practice in India.The NEXT exam is expected to be more difficult than current MCI-FMGE exam with students from Indian institutes also need to qualify. MBBS over the years has lost its sheen so Post-graduation(MD) is must for every students. The choice of MBBS institution depends upon chances of post-graduate admission. Lets evaluate some of the common countries where students venture and precautions to be taken before taking admissions: USA is #1 destination. However, students must take SAT/ACT, Subject-SAT and APAdvanced Placement exam in order to get admissions in top universities with Scholarships.US universities are known for Research thereby ensuring quality education. Students must start preparing for these exam from 9th/10th standard and appear for exams in 11th standard. Currently student appearing for these exam can get education in USA cheaper than Indian Private/Deemed Universities along-with assured Postgraduation in USA with stipend. Germany is one of the top 5 economies in the world with Free or minimal fees for medical programs. However, students must learn German language in Germany for 1 year before venturing into medical. This is also excellent destination for Post-graduation.Philippines over the years have come up as attractive destination due to earlier Colony of USA with USA based education system. World’s 3rd largest English speaking country with huge safety of students, Philippines is also called Gateway to USA. Currently every 1 practicing doctor out of 10 in USA is from Philippines. It has 7100 islands but due to safely, students must visit only Manila island -Capital city. Only 3 universities out of 36 universities have quality with University of Philippines leading the table. Students should not take admission in other low quality institutes.Russia is another popular destination. However, different climatic condition leading to different disease patten, syllabus and language issues makes this a challenging destination for clearing MCI-FMGE exam. Many state government, private universities lack focus and quality as regards to Indian students and are pushed only as low cost destinations. In view, students must take admission only in Central Government’s Federal Universities with Far Eastern Federal University leading the table. Drinking is major issue with Indian students there but these Federal Universities has banned liquor within 5 kms of campus with high security and quality of education. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada are another top destinations but have higher cost of education.In view, only students intending settle abroad venture into these countries. Mauritius has one of the top destination for students who cannot afford high fees. Total 6 year fees in Mauritius is just Rs. 10 Lacs with English is widely spoken. Major population in Mauritius is Indian. There are many other countries like Ukraine, Georgia, China etc. Unfortunately, students are not going to top institutes in these countries thereby lack quality. Language is another major barrier as these languages are tough to learn. Student must understand that hospital experience is most important for MBBS aspirants. Patient in hospital will speak local language and most of time, this is major issue with no clinical experience and lack of clearing MCI-FMGE exam.Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras is against the commercial consideration in admissions over quality of education. There are mushrooming of Overseas Education agents with tie-up with institutes abroad. They send the students to these institutes and in return get commissions thereby their views are biased. Globally, top universities like Stanford, MIT, Harward or in India IIT, IIMs, AIIMS etc are not going to have tie-up or pay commission. Only institutes which are struggling to get students will tie-up. Package is another misused word and never take admit in university which says fees in package as mostly these are low quality institutes.Please do not take admission to any tie-up university or package based offer. Apply only to top universities in every country, learn local language for sure success. Focus must be for Post-graduation education and currently USA & Germany lead the table. Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras’s Astute Academy are India’s #1 Career Counsellors and do not have any tie-up with any university in India or Globally. Astute provides Free Counselling to students as part of social responsibility to choose right institute across stream in India or abroad. Students/Parents can meet Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras in person for Free Counselling by calling 8899117767 or visit or