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The teaching and learning at American University of Barbados are inter-related and dynamic. Varied curriculum and unique learning environment stimulates critical thinking skills, student-based inquiry, integrates cross-disciplines, instills problem-based learning (PBL), provides tutorial and research opportunities, offers international learning opportunities and strengthens preparation for the clinical clerkship program and national board examinations.
Distinct curriculum is based on advancements in teaching and learning in alignment with distinguished university mission. As student progress to the next semester, the cross-content structure exemplifies, which is the hallmark of our tradition in teaching. Self-study allows in continuous student development with closer faculty guidance for course and case-study. It exposes students to primary care medicine with the on-campus community clinic which deals with the foundational medical science courses.
Program focuses on student's achievements and progress through advance teaching and learning methodologies and thereby graduating the best generation of physicians.


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The American University of Barbados, School of Medicine provides medical students with a well planned and innovative integrated curriculum which makes interdisciplinary connections more effective, thereby enhancing the learning process. It breaks down learning impediments and stimulates student focus leading to progress. The 'layered learning' process and balanced curriculum combines different disciplines to encourage and facilitate critical thinking skills as opposed to learning distinctive and isolated topics of medicine. At the center of its learning process, American University of Barbados, School of Medicine fosters the concept of integrated curriculum supported by interactive teaching and proper assessments. Academic benefits include a greater conceptualization of learning, through a student-centered approach that offers students a meaningful and in-depth understanding of the science of medicine with in-class applications to the real world.

American University of Barbados School of Medicine is dedicated to offering numerous types of educational media and tools to facilitate greater learning. Throughout the learning process at school, interactive educational resources supplement interactive teaching. The management and delivery of comprehensive learning content for the various disciplines in medicine is effectively utilized by the learning system 'Moodle' which accompanies live classroom instructions for all course work on campus. Moreover,easy-to-access animations provide the added benefits of simplifying complex topics in medicine, clarifying concepts and making them more fascinating and stimulating for students. Animations deliver a rich experience by visually depicting functional and dynamic mechanisms of the human body. 3D medical animation explains more in less time. It depicts the accurate visualizations by exploring the depth and the intricacies of the science that cannot be created or replicated from a 2D illustration, diagram, photograph or even live action. This teaching methodology is also incorporated with integration of medical subject depending upon the topic dealt or taught which enables the students to understand the subject better.

The task of an excellent faculty is to collectively stimulate 'seemingly ordinary' students to demonstrate extraordinary skills. The faculty at American University of Barbados are prominent intellectuals and specialists in the field of medicine. They are committed to students' success and to an education which is rigorous and relevant. The faculty-student relationship begins with allocation of faculty to become individual mentor for each student. The student-centered approach to teaching and learning adopted by the faculty includes designing program delivery models that meet the needs of every learner, blended with classroom based programs. The integrated system of teaching gives students a relevant, practical education that will set them apart in their respective fields as experts. Focus towards quality education is holistic and research oriented. Contributing to this approach, American University of Barbados, School of Medicine is publishing its own journal named 'Era's Journal of Medical Research' (EJMR) in collaboration with its associate concern, Era's Lucknow Medical College and Hospital, India. It is one of the few medical schools in the Caribbean which has taken this initiative. Original research papers, review articles, case reports, short communications, letter-to-editor and book reviews are a regular features of the journal.


• Teaching is done through Structured Integration Methodology and Problem Based Learning using 3D-Animation.
• MCAT is optional.
• Affordable fees for M.D. Program with options for scholarships.
• Pre-Med options available at Barbados and India.
• Experience of studying in an establishment consisting of a diverse student community that enables awareness of varied cultural practices.
• Online library access to more than 10,000 online books and journals.
• USMLE focused teaching with USA approved curriculum.
• Clinical Rotation in one of the best training hospitals of USA, Malta, Caribbean, and Philippines.
• Medical license for graduates in USA and Canada upon successful completion of USMLE Steps 1 and 2.
• American University of Barbados student can practice as medical professionals any where they choose to be after giving the requisite examination of their country of choice.
 • American University of Barbados, graduates of Indian origin, can practice as medical professionals in India after appearing in MCI's screening test, however those who do their residency/PG programs in USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand are exempted from this screening test.