Full day NEET / JEE-Main Strategy Workshop - Improve Marks by 10%.

Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Chairman & Managing Director is conducting Unique strategy workshops across India. The objective of the workshop is to improve NEET-UG, JEE-Mains and NEET-PG marks atleast by 10%. Students often struggle with the Negative Marking, Time Management despite taken tutoring in Top Institutes. Students attending the workshop can complete these exams 15 minutes before time thereby helping student to solve questions without any tension or panic.

Strategies are most crucial factor securing admissions in Prestigious MBBS, MD and Engineering institutes. Student and Parents just concentrate on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths studies and forgets preparing strategies for Negative Marking, Time Management, Exam Psychology & many other factors directly affecting marks in an competitive environment where every mark counts. Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Chairman, Founder Astute Career Counselling Academy believes ONLY 40% weightage to PCMB studies, 15-20% Weightage to Exam Strategies and balance 40% weightage to handling Admission process.

Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras conducts strategy workshop once every quarter for 11th & 12th Students aspiring in Medical and Engineering as well as students appearing for NEET-PG examination. This Workshop is conducted Full Day with even practive for implementation of the strategies. The Student's Psychological aspects are also addressed in details to boost confidence.

Astute Academy can also help students with the Admission process under "Anti-Donation" Drive.

Full Day Strategy Workshop

₹ 20,000

18% GST Extra
Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras's
Astute Career Counselling Academy

Speaker - Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Chairman & Managing Director

• Awarded "Uttar Maharashtra Ratna" & "CSR Excellence Award 2017" by Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis.
• Ex-Scientist - Bhabha Atomic  Research Center.
• 25 years of Rich Career Counseling Experience.
• Highly Ethical with Student Centric Approach.
• Expert in International University tie-ups with Indian Institutes.

Specialised Strategy Workshop - Exclusive in India

No Coaching Institute in India teaches Exam Strategies so Deeply. Workshop will cover starting from Planning Exam Paper,  Negative Marks handling,  Exam Psychology, Subject Handling, Question Sequence, Identification of type of questions, Rough Work Management, Answer sheet handling to implementation of strategy. Self-realisation with sample paper.

What & for Whom this Workshop ?

NEET 2019 / 2020 Aspirants
•Students of 11th / 12th interested in MBBS course.
•Improve NEET marks by atleast 50-70
•Makes huge difference in All India Ranking.

JEE-Main / MH-CET 2019 / 2020 Aspirants
•Students of 11th / 12th interested in Engineering course.
•Improve JEE-Main marks by atleast 30-40.
•Makes huge difference in All India Ranking.

NEET-PG Aspirants for 2020

Complete NEET or JEE paper 15 Minutes before Deadline - How to achieve?

Do you keep Marks Target?
Biggest mistakes student makes to keep Target in exam. Students cannot get 525 marks in NEET or 250 Marks in JEE-Main just by thinking. In exam Psychology plays major role. Thinking about BJ Medical or IIT at exam center creates pressure leading to Negative marks.

Unable to finish Paper on time?
Students has fear that he/she cannot complete paper on time. Most students lands into panic mode due to mismanaged time. They need to solve paper with calmness without being panic. They must also finish well within time for them to revisit tough questions.

Made Silly Mistakes
Oh. I was knowing the answer but still made silly mistake. Most student fail to identify the sequence to solve paper and spends too much time on difficult questions. Poor & untidy roughwork adds to problem. Students fails to implement right strategy.

Full Day Workshop Covers - Strategies for NEET / JEE-Mains

• Exam Planning - Detailed analysis of Questions
• Time allocation - Subject and Question-wise
• Strategies for Negative Marks Handling
• Time Management Strategies
• Monitoring of Progress
• Rough Work Management
• Examination Psychology
• Targets - Fact or Myth ?
• Preparation - Before Exam
• Implementation of Strategies
• Filling Answer Sheets
• Admission Strategies

and many more strategies with Expert tips from Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras.