JEE-Main / MH-CET Crash Course

Deoras School of Excellence in association with Astute Academy launched an Unique JEE-Main / MH-CET Crash Course with a objective to nurture students not only for the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics but also prepare to face the challanding Exam day situation by motivation, Exam Planning, Negative Marks Handling, Time Management, Subject handling and many more strategies to improve marks by 60-70 with ease.

The students do not only get prepared for core subjects but also learn strategies which help them complete the JEE-Main / MH-CET exam 15 minutes before the dealine. No coaching institute in India mentors students so deeply as Deoras School of Excellence.

Deoras School of Excellence is an research unit of Astute Academy working towards the Educational reforms and fighting against the commercialisation amongst coaching classes. Deoras School believes that every coaching class must be accountable for the quality education.

Deoras School of Excellence has one the best faculty strength nurtured to align with the students profile. The Endavour is to have best innovative teaching methodology alinging with the changing pattern of JEE-Main / MH-CET exam.

Deoras School of Excellence is the only research academy in India having included Unique Strategy Workshop in the Crash Course. The cost for Strategy Workshop is Rs.20,000 which is included Free with the Crash course making one of the most cost effective Crash Course with high standards.

JEE-Main / MH-CET Crash Course 2018

₹ 75,000

18% GST Extra
Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras's
Astute Career Counselling Academy

Crash Course from 8th March till JEE-Main / MH-CET Exam Covers

* Complete Syllabus of JEE-Main / MH-CET Exam for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
* Unique Teaching Methodology to identify and align Teaching with the Profile
* Strategies for the JEE-Main / MH-CET Examination - Improves JEE-Main / MH-CET marks by minimum 30-50
* 10  Mock Tests with detailed analysis
* Special Strategic sessions by Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras

6 Hours daily for 6 days a week.

Tutoring for JEE-Main / MH-CET Exam

The Expert Faculty at Deoras School of Excellence in association with Sahu Academy provides best teaching experience. Mr. Manish Sahu , Ex- IITian with excellent grip over teaching helps students achieve the targetted JEE-Main / MH-CET score with ease. Covers:

* Physics, Chemisty & Mathematics Tutoring for JEE-Main / MH-CET exam
* Chapter-wise Analysis
* Insight into the twists in the questions
* Unique Teaching Methodology with constant improvement from Deoras School of Excellence Research wing
* Concept Building with applicability which enhances thinking Power
* Subject Concentration based upon student profile
* Small Batch size of just 30-35 students for Individual attention

Strategies for JEE-Main / MH-CET Exam - Workshop on 25th March 2018

Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras's Unique Strategy session ensures students finish paper 15 minutes before time with minimum improvement of 30-40 marks in JEE-Main / MH-CET. The Full Day Strategy workshop is part of Crash course and will be conducted Full Day on 25th March 2018.

Strategy Workshop covers:
* Exam Planning
* Negative Marks Handling
* Time Management
* Understanding Paper Pattern
* Understanding Marks Pattern
* Subject-wise analysis of Questions
* Question Solving Sequence
* Psychology during Exam
* Setting Targets - Myth
* Rough Work Analysis

and many more strategies to improve.

Unique Teaching Methodology with Mock Tests

Deoras School of Excellence research wing works continously design teaching framework to improve quality of teaching.

Identification of the strength and weaknesses of students, understanding the chapter-wise weakness and the targetted JEE-Main / MH-CET exam helps teachers to align the teaching matching student's profile.

The Mock tests are toold to provide data about the effectiveness of teaching, student's self evaluation and help implement the exam strategies. Practice makes the person perfect. So just Strategy session by Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras must be implemented in spirit. The unique feedback mechanism and constant monitoring ensures students get good JEE-Main / MH-CET marks.