Philippines - USA based Bachelor of Science(B.S) + Doctor of Medicine(M.D.) Program - International Quality with direct acceptance in USA


The Fees includes GST for Emilio Aguinaldo Medical College, #2 Institute in Manila, Capital of Philippines. 2 Years BS Fees plus VISA and other expenses included.  Fees for MD - Peso 2,60,000 per year from 2020. Part fees to be paid to University and Part in India. All Indian batch with local support at Manila.

Please contact for University of Philippines and Our Lady Fatima institute.  Qualifying NEET exam is mandatory for any Indian or International Medical Education from May 2018.

Astute Academy is India's only academy which takes students to USA for 4 years MD program
after completing 2 years BS in Philippines . Specific batches are created in Philippines with robust training to get admit in USA. Else student can opt for 1 year Internship in USA after completing 3 years of MD in Philippines.

Astute Academy is India's only academy which guarantees* Post Graduation (Residency) in USA with Stipend of US $ 4,000 to 6,000 per Month. No Fees for Residency in USA. Student can practice directly in India without any examination after completing Residency making this World's #1 program.

Philippines has one of the best education systems in Asia. It is one of the best place for students to study completely in English, at affordable prices and high quality.Philippines have a 90% literacy rate. It proves that Education is of primary concern in the country.

Philippines is the largest English – Speaking country in the Southeast Asian region. English isused as a medium of instruction in higher education. Also, Filipinos are considered one of the most competent English speakers in the world. It is known for its highest standard of education, high– caliber education institutions. The country is the major exporters of English teachers, nurses, doctors and Skilled workers abroad.

The major benefit of Philippines Medical education is ease of Post-Graduation admissions. Philippines is gateway to USA's Residency Program (Post-Graduation) with Stipend of US $ 5,000 per month. The Post-Graduation in India is also easy due to USA based research curriculum thereby enhancing the knowledge of the students.

2 Years Institute Fees & Counselling Fee

₹ 8,49,900

18% GST Extra
Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras's
Astute Career Counselling Academy

Why Philippines?

Philippines is the place to be for foreign students
Foreign students do not only get the chance of earning excellect education, but they also find ways of enjoying their stay in the Philippines. After having serious lessons in their classrooms, they can relax by swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling in numerous pristine beaches anywhere, or unwind in some of the island’s heritage sites like the man-made rice terraces, marine parks,mountains, underground rivers and other tourist hideaways that depict Asian and European architecture. If these are not the places for them, they can still enjoy janging out in countless five-star hotels and restaurants, entertainment shows, shopping malls and cafes.

Philippines follows the American education system
As the world’s 3rd largest English-speaking nation, the Philippines provide huge knowledge resources, up-to-date instruction, and a multicultural learning atmosphere with its 93.9% literacy rate. It is home to a number of ISO-certified universities and higher educational institutions identified as Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development. There are also several international schools in the Philippines which are on American, British, German, Chinese, French and Japanese educational tracks.

All Universities are fully recognized and listed by MCI, WHO and Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates(ECFMG), as approved medical schools thus permitting all students to sit for the USMLE.
Universities / colleges are governed by CHED (Commission of Higher Education)Most affordable MD/MBBS degree in the world.
All English medium of instruction
94% of all Filipinos speak English, and you are at home there
US based education system
Medical schools have its own hospital for teaching and rotational internship
Teaching based on problem based learning and also traditional method
1 out of 10 physicians practicing in the USA are graduates of Philippines
Philippines has become a university belt in Asia and is positioned as the Knowledge Center in Asia and the Pacific
The Philippines is known for its people’s hospitality and joyfulness, the country’s rich and diverse culture and traditions.
Studies also show that it is more affordable to study in the Philippines compared with other countries offering high quality education. It is because a person can live a modest lifestyle by only spending US$450 to US$600 a month.

More reasons as to why you should study in the Philippines

Philippines has several advantages compared to other countries – there is a lot of competent doctors who were locally trained or trained in the United States or the first-world countries. The medical school reportedly have a “tougher” curriculum.

Most institutes have Indian only batches thereby students adjust very fast. The Indian Air-conditioned in-campus Hostel with Quality Indian food makes this a Comfortable destination.Apart from competence, cost is also a major consideration in studying. The culture is much easy to adopt with. People are more hospitable and the environment is more open and less hostile.

Why Study in the Philippines ?

Many parents believe that Philippines is the right place for their children to study because it offers many good reasons for quality education.

The world’s third largest English-speaking country
Highest English literacy rate in Asia
Mode of instruction in all levels of education
Widely-used language for business, education, communication and trade

US System of Education
Quality medical education as recognized by World Health Organization(WHO), IMED of ECFMG- USA and similar other bodies
Top Universities renowned worldwide
Integrated problem-based learning approach
Modern teaching methods with first-rate facilities

Easy Post Graduation Admissions
USMLE - US Medical Licensing Exam easy to Pass
USA Residency Program easy admits with Stipend - No Fees
Indian MD - Easy passing of MD examinations
Acceptance in 180 Countries
Latest Research Oriented Syllabus

Affordable overseas degrees and tuition fees
Economical accommodation and living expenses
Excellent and comfortable boarding facilities
Affordable medical and dental expenses
Inexpensive travel cost
 Student-assisted visa application

Indian Batches with Air-Conditioned Hostels
Indian Only Batches in Most Institutes
In-Campus Air-Conditioned Hostels for Boys and Girls
Indian Food - Veg & Non-Veg, North & South Indian
24x7 Highly Secure Hostels and Institutes
Excellent Environment
Local Astute team to assist

Warmth, graciousness and hospitality of the Filipinos
Open and stimulating classroom environment
Solidarity between students and professors
Dedicated and friendly school staff and faculty members
Cultural diversity in the society
Close proximity to other Asian countries
Improved shipping facilities and services
Expanded business centers
Advanced information technology

Better opportunities to secure employment and permanent residency in the other developed countries.
Good opportunity to travel around the world
Opportunities to make significant contributions to your society and to your country after graduation
Education gateway to other countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and many others

Services by Astute Academy

Once we get your enquiry, we shall write back to you with details.
We help in completion of enrollment formalities and send you the letter of acceptance from the University/College , once you agree on terms and conditions.
The students remits the processing fees and tuitions fees for BS/pre med for 2 years only.
All relevant docuements to be submitted by student/parent in original.
Documents are processed for authentication and attestion in India and in Philippines.
Once approvals are sanctioned, we submit documents for the visa alongwith original paid receipts, to the nearest Embassy / Consulate in India.
The visa is issued and students are notified on date of journey.
The student travels to Philippines to the nearest airport to the University.
University officials and our officials shall be there at the airport to receive the students and escort them to the campus and hostel.
Students are introduced to the Vice Principal and their journey begins.

Admission Services

Free counseling to select the right course, University.
We guide and provide information to students and parents during the crucial fold of their wards life in achieving career goals and personality enhancement in this competitive & busy world.

Assistance for education loan.
We help in arranging the necessary documents required to procure education loan. If required we advice which bank is suitable based on your residing location and all the other assistance required.

Completing Admission Documentation.
All documentation and other formalities for the admission are efficiently completed by our skilled staff.

Visa Documentation.
We help in assisting to obtain visa & complete all visa related formalities, through visa letter from provisional commission of education, government of Philippines.

Travel Arrangements and Guidance.
We make complete travel arrangement for students including Air Tickets, Personal assistance during Flight etc.

Assistance in Overseas Insurance.
For overseas insurance of students leaving for abroad is guided by us.

Obtain foreign exchange through banks.
We assist in getting foreign exchange from banks for our students. (For Students from India)

Post Admission Services

Receiving at Airport in Philippines.
Our executives/caretakers/university officials receives students at airport, when they reach Philippines.

Accompany student to university and help in settling down at no additional cost.
Our executives/caretakers accompany students till the University campus and help them in all possible ways in their settlement until the university provides them hostel rooms for accommodation.

Students’ registration at the University.
The University registration formalities are assisted by our executives.

Assistance in all the formalities on arrival at the University.
We assist in getting the Residence Permit, Physical check-up and all other formalities on arrival at the University.

Provision of Indian food.
(For Indian students) Assistance in setting up of Indian Kitchen outlet at all the Universities provides all year round Indian delicacies to our student, so that they can feel a home away from home.

Assistance in any issues concerned.
(For the complete duration of Study) Our executives/caretakers are available throughout the year for solving any sort of queries of the students.

Travel Arrangements assistance.
Students wishing to travel home on vacations are assisted by our executives in all their travel arrangements.

Assistance in health related problems.
Our executives/caretakers look into health issues of the students.

Regular feedback to parents on student’s development.
For parents seeking guidance and progress assessment of the student, we arrange for it through the university on specific request.

Special travel arrangements for parents.
Parents who wish to accompany their ward at the time of the admission or wish to visit Philippines, we assist in visa documentation and travel assistance with minimal charges and also interpretation services are arranged on request at vary lucrative price.

Visa Services

Student Visa :
The tourist visa (9/A) 59 days temporary visa is issued by the Philippine Embassy / Consulate in India, which is to be converted to a student visa on arrival in Philippines, within that period.The student visa is valid for 6 months, which is renewable every succeeding term

Procedure :
All relevant documents in original alongwith copies is submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, Philippines Embassy, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). A letter of acceptance from the college/university and a certificate of eligibility of admission (CEA) is also issued by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED)
The DFA endorses the documents to the Foreign Service Post for issueance of the visa.

The Philippine Embassy/Consulate then notifies the student to appear for an interview alongwith all required documents.
    Vaild passport - Validity more than 1 year
    Application form for student visa
    20 photographs - 2Inchx2Inch
    Overseas medical insurance
    Original Letter of Acceptance
    Police Clearance Certificatefrom Passport office
    10th / 12th mark sheet and certificate
    Birth certificate of student
    Parents ID proof & income papers and bank statement for 6 months

Some of basic but most crucial factors need to be adhered while applying for VISA:
   Write and Speak the Truth: Never Lie or provide false information
    Understand the VISA process in detail
    Understand the Requirement
    Plan early based upon respective Country Guidelines
    Prepare Supporting Documents well in advance: Very important
    Carry Originals at the Time of Interview
    Access and Have full Funding Compliance with supporting Documents
    Be Presentable during Interview
    You are applying for Nonimmigrant VISA so what you say or write should not reflect as if you are a potential migrant candidate.
    Speak less and to the point. Do not provide extra information which is not asked
    Speak confidently with clarity in your Goal and objectives