Astute Academy's Vision: “To Mentor for Quality Education, being Fundamental Right of Every student, by Strategic, Ethical & Student-Centric approach for Successful Career”.

Astute Academy is USA based Corporation with an office in Chicago. Astute has an affiliated hospital in the USA with an Experienced team of USA Doctors to mentor students.


Residency admission is Astute's Flagship program mentored by the Experienced USA team.

Physician Assistant

Excellent 24 months to 28 month Program post MBBS in India or International Universities to Practice in USA Hospitals without USMLE exam. 

USMLE Training

Astute Academy, USA has a strategic association with USA/Indian Institutes to provide USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3 Classroom or Online training by Expert Faculty.

Residency Mentoring

Astute Academy, USA provides a mentoring program starting 1st-year MBBS for Profile creation, USMLE training till Residency admissions at today's cost.

Astute Academy is a USA corporation with a presence in Chicago. The USA operations are mentored by Dr. Donald Martin- Ex-Dean of the University of Columbia and the University of Chicago with rich 32 years of expertise. Scholarships for Bachelor's and Master's with prestigious University admissions including Ivy League are Astute's major strengths.


A large number of Students venture to the USA for Engineering. Astute Academy helps students to get scholarships with proper profiling. Experts team to guide students for Ivy League admissions.


USA offers a huge opportunity with the robust syllabus to lead way to Universities like Harvard, MIT, and Ivy leagues. Huge scholarships are offered by Universities to make even Bachelor's affordable.

CPA - Indian CA

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is equivalent to Chartered Accountant (CA) in India. USA CPA is far easier than Indian CA with huge Success. An opportunity for students of 12th or B.Com.

Law Practice in Courts

Law has huge potential in the USA. Astute's unique programs allow LLM or Juris Doctor-JD pathway to practice in USA courts. Experts in Law admissions. Lawyers earn huge in the USA.

Germany is one of the top 5 Economies in the World with favorites amongst Indians due to Free or low-cost universities. Astute has expertise in 100% English Medium courses, 1st year / Studienkolleg in India for Bachelor's and innovative Work-Study Free Master's programs.

Engineering-English Medium

Engineering is 4 to 4.5 years program in Germany, 100% in English Medium is a Flagship program. Mechanical, Business Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, Logistics are very popular.

Bachelor's - 1st Year in India- All Streams

Astute Academy has designed unique programs whereby students after 12th standard study 1 year in Indian Institutes and then mentored to German Universities for all streams. 

Work Study - Management

Astute Academy has designed a unique program whereby student gets jobs in a German company and they in-term pays the University fees and stipend for living.

German Language Pathway

Astute Academy has designed a unique Pathway program for Bachelor's and Master's with integrated fast track German A1 & B2 in just 6 months ensuring Prestigious University admits and huge cost savings. 

Astute Academy is USA based Corporation with an office in Chicago. Astute has many associated hospitals providing quality Fellowship options for Doctors. Uniquely designed programs help Indian and Asia Pacific doctors to understand the USA Hospital Culture, approach towards research, and learn specific skills across Specialisations.

Short Term

Astute Academy is USA based Corporation having affiliation with various Speciality Hospitals in the USA. Provide short term Fellowship from 4 weeks to 8 weeks in almost all Specialisations.

Student Fellowships

A large number of MBBS doctors going to USA for Residency. Students often gets low marks in USMLE dashing their dream to be Resident. Astute provides 1 year to 2 years Fellowship with Research projects to such students.

Research Pathway

A good number of MBBS doctors wants to pursue Career in Research. Astute Academy provides Research Fellowship with Pathway to PhD. Uniquely designed program with Universities and Hospital.

Allopathy Pathway

Large number of Dental, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy students want to practice allopathy. Astute's unique Pathway program in USA ensures students Practice allopathy in USA.

USA- Medical PG
USA with Scholarships
German - Land of Opportunities
Fellowship for Doctors

Webinar on demand

Webinar on demand