Bachelor's / Master's in Germany

Germany is one of the top 5 Economics in World providing Quality Research-Oriented Education. Due to the large influx of aspiring Indian students coupled with few seats in Prestigious Universities, the admissions becoming highly competitive.

Astute Academy believes “Quality Education is the fundamental right of every student”. Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras spearheading a campaign to provide quality affordable education for the benefit of masses in Germany for over 10 years.

Germany offers education both in English and German medium. Even though the number of English medium taught programs increasing every year, the massive influx of students making admissions very difficult. Most students still rely on German taught program.

Learning the German language thereby becoming essential for every German aspirant. Even student going for English taught programs to need to learn the German language as they have to do lots of industry-specific projects, interact with people and secure part-time jobs to earn for living. The student having a deficiency in German struggle in Germany with huge living cost to bear coupled with academic struggle.

There is a large number of Indian students going to Germany to initially Learn the German language for 1 year incurring a huge cost. Even though there is a good number of German language training institutes in India like Goethe, Deutsch Activ, getting conditional admit in India was a major issue.

Germany VISA is becoming a major bottleneck with a waiting period of German -Mumbai embassy over 2-2.5 months during peak season coupled with 4 to 8 weeks for the decision post-interview. A large number of Indian students despite getting admissions in Universities are deprived of going to Germany due to VISA. The German VISA rejections are very high for students do not have German language proficiency.

Considering a large number of student’s aspiration to study in Germany, Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras decided to establish a “State of Art Center” at Berlin, Germany to help students get admissions in prestigious Universities.


Deliverables with Fees
Deliverables with Fees