Philippines - USA based Bachelor of Science(B.S) + Doctor of Medicine(M.D.) Program - International Quality with direct acceptance in USA. 2020 Enrollment Started

Astute Academy is India's only academy which takes students to USA for 4 years MD program after completing 2 years BS in Philippines . Specific batches are created in Philippines with robust training to get admit in USA. Else student can opt for 1 year Internship in USA after completing 3 years of MD in Philippines.

Astute Academy is India's only academy which helps for Post Graduation (Residency) in USA with Stipend of US $ 4,000 to 6,000 per Month. No Fees for Residency in USA. Student can practice directly in India without any examination after completing Residency making this World's #1 program.

Philippines has one of the best education systems in Asia. It is one of the best place for students to study completely in English, at affordable prices and high quality. Philippines have a 90% literacy rate. It proves that Education is of primary concern in the country.

Philippines is the largest English – Speaking country in the Southeast Asian region. English is  used as a medium of instruction in higher education. Also, Filipinos are considered one of the most competent English speakers in the world. It is known for its highest standard of education, high– caliber education institutions. The country is the major exporters of English teachers, nurses, doctors and Skilled workers abroad.

The major benefit of Philippines Medical education is ease of Post-Graduation admissions. Philippines is gateway to USA's Residency Program (Post-Graduation) with Stipend of US $ 5,000 per month. The Post-Graduation in India is also easy due to USA based research curriculum thereby enhancing the knowledge of the students.

Deliverables with Fees
Deliverables with Fees