MD/MS in India without Donation

Astute Academy helps students get MD/MS admission in India without donation for NEET-qualified candidates even with Low NEET marks. Students can enroll starting 2nd-year MBBS itself under the Medical Mentoring Program, a Unique venture with Deoras School of Excellence.

Astute Academy is USA based Corporation that also helps students get admission in Residency and Physician Assistant program.

Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras provides Free counseling to students and parents as part of the Anti-Donation Campaign across India. Students and parents Across India meets Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras in person or through Video-conferencing with Prior appointment.

Many students fail to get admits due to a lack of knowledge about the admission process.

Astute Academy under the "Anti-Donation" campaign in India, provides Students/Parents complete end-to-end admission service and help for admission to Prestigious Institutes in India. Astute's Services include:
1. Shortlisting of Institutes / States to apply based upon expected NEET marks
2. Filling up of Application Forms for all States
3. Monitor complete admission process by Expert Back-end team
4. Inform Students / Parents of the Document Verification process
5. Track counseling rounds and inform Student / Parents
6. Inform parents about visits to respective states/institutes
7. Tracking of Cancellation seats with crisp advice
8. Monitoring General rounds, Mock Rounds, Spot rounds, and Institutional rounds
9. Helps a student get admission Purely on Merit without any donation
10. Guides the students/parents to get admission in prestigious institutes across India

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