About us

Astute Career Counselling Academy headed by Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras is a group of educationists across Globe guiding the students for Career choices for more than 25 years. Astute Academy’s Vision is to empower students with the best Career Choices matching their Skills, Abilities, and Personalities. Dr. Donald Martin- Ex-Dean of the University of Chicago and Columbia with 32 years of rich Experience mentors students in choosing the right Universities across the Globe, help with Documentation including editing of SOP, Essays, and help with admission.

Astute Academy believes “Quality Education is the Fundamental Right” of every student. Astute Academy's Experienced Counsellors Mentor for Career Choices in India, USA, Germany, Europe, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, Singapore, Caribbean Islands, Switzerland, Dubai, and many more countries across Globe.

The vision of Astute Academy is to become the "World's #1 Ethical Student Centric Career Counselling Academy". The Vision is to mentor students for Quality and Affordable education across the Globe. Astute's Global team of Academicians constantly work toward exploring new avenues and many of our services are Unique with a Social touch. Astute believes in inclusive education keeping in mind the best Career irrespective of the Student's Academic or Financial profile.

Astute Academy has a Presence in Chicago in the USA and is in the process of setting up a Center in Berlin, Germany with an aim to provide quality and affordable education across all streams. Astute Academy takes pride in almost 100% success rates in VISA for USA and Germany, leading education destinations for students. The USA and German centers also counsel students from the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific countries making Astute truly Global.

Astute Academy successfully ran an "Anti-Donation" campaign across India for admission to MBBS, MD, Engineering, and other professional institutes. In addition, Deoras School of Excellence spearheaded an Educational Reform project for improving the quality of education in Indian Institutes, Research Outsourcing projects, and developing quality teachers.

Astute Academy's Unique Psychometric Analysis helps the student identify Career matching Skills, Abilities & Personalities. A unique approach where the Psychometric Data is evaluated by experts across Globe and help choose the right career. Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras has done Ph.D. in Career Counselling with major research in the use of Analytics in Career Counselling.

Core Team